Monday, March 30, 2009

Coming off a terrible week of training. I had a good race on Saturday at the Nutri Run 20k and hit my goal pace for the marathon. This was a very hilly course and it felt good to still stay on pace or under. I then spent 2 days with De and Gavin at an indoor waterpark and had a blast. Unfortunately I woke up Tuesday morning with a really sore throat, a sure sign that my bi-yearly sinus infection was about to start. I loaded up on Zinc/Vit C tabs and took another day off hoping to catch it early. By the time I got home on Wednesday I was still too tired to really work out. I finally got some short runs in on Thur and Friday and decided to go shorter than planned on Saturday as well. Today was a good day, ran 6 this am and went to the weight room then took advantage of the sunny weather and rode a quick 12 outside after work. Feeling good tonight so hopefully back on track this week with 4 weeks to go until the marathon. Sorry about the whining there, I guess my wife is right I don't take illness well at all. I'm going to post my race schedule some time this week so it feels more official and gives me more of something to shoot for in training. It's too hard to focus on an Ironman that is still 5 months away.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Coming off of a recovery week. Reduced mileage but attempted to keep the intensity up. It's always interesting to see how my body reacts with some days off. Some weeks I feel like a million dollars with some time off and others I feel as if my legs will seize and not work correctly. Last week was a seize week. I still had trouble getting out of bed this morning to go for a run but when I was done, as always I felt much better. Last week was good in that I managed to get to the pool twice. I worked on my summer schedule some more and that always helps to get me pumped up for the season. It probably also helps that the weather is starting to get much nicer. Of course with the infinite wisdom of our government we had to start daylight savings again last week so it's back to the dark ages here in Indiana.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A good weekend of everything

I had a great weekend. Managed to get a little bit of everything in and felt good about all of it, mostly. Friday was the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show in Indianapolis. I took the day off from work and drove down early. Saw some amazing bikes and met a few guys that I get to ride with from time to time. Of course I forgot to take my camera so I don't have any pictures of my favorites. I still managed to get home and run a few errands before getting home to spend the evening with Gavin and De. Saturday I slept in a little and then took off with my best friend for Indy again. This time we were heading for the Supercross races and a day of drinking with another college freind of ours. The Ram's Head brewery has some excellent beers and great food that make it easy to spend an afternoon there. The main races don't start until 7:00 but we usually get there around noon to have lunch, drink, bullshit, and drink some more. It's a great day that we've been doing for close to 10 years now and I look forward to it every year. The hard part is getting home at close to 2:00 am and having to do anything on Sunday. But in my effort to stay BALANCED I got up fairly early with De and Gavin for some quality time before heading out for a 20 mile run with some great runners from Ft. Wayne. Doing this run was a good challenge for me. We start with a steady pace for the first 10 miles then a quick stop for drinks and clothing changes as needed. We then went back out for another 10 miles with a gradual increase in speed. We went from a 6:54 down to a few 6:35's for 8 miles then slowed for a cool down of 2 miles. Home in time for Gavin to wake from his nap and then play until dinner at my mother-in-laws. A great weekend with a little of everything. It is going to be harder to fit in everything as the training picks up for Ironman but thankfully my wife understands and she makes it easier for me to chase my dreams. For that I am eternally grateful that I found the perfect woman. I love you De.