Sunday, March 13, 2011

What a lucky weekend!!

Above is a picture of the motorcycle I won last night at the Supercross races in Indy. The Traxxas rep said it will probably take 30-45 days to get the bike but I probably won't even ride it. It will get sold and the cash is going towards a new mountain bike and some other toys for the family. However it may have to go for a little test ride before it is gone ;) What an incredibly lucky day. Beer with old freinds, good races, and a new motorcyle(mountain bike).

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Well the first 8 weeks of the training plan are finished now. I did a second FTP test on Tuesday and am quite psyched by the results. I had a 47 watt gain over the last 8 weeks. But I also realized in analyzing the results that I misread the results last time. I've been doing the workouts based on thinking my FTP was 250 when it was actually 186. I guess I just wanted to kick my ass to get started. I adjusted the power zones for today's ride and it was quite evident that I was over reaching. 80-85% felt much more sustainable. Lessons learned. Now it's time to move on and build from here.