Thursday, September 17, 2009

Post Ironman blues

Well things definately did not go as planned. I started puking at 60 miles and just couldn't pull it together. I avoided a trip to the med tent but never got past the 72 mile mark of the bike course. I didn't even feel like I was sweating on the bike. It started to get warm but I was just cruising and staying relaxed the whole time. Just after the special needs pick up I took a swig of the new bottle and it was even chilled still but the taste was off and it just set my stomach off. I sat at the aid station for 30 minutes in the shade but the thought of getting back to Madison and starting a marathon in that heat made me vomit again and start to get dizzy. The temps had gotten up to 87* I heard later and it sure felt like it. I really think I am done with Ironman until they put one in Antarctica. I'll stick to the Olympic distance that I am competitive at and throw in a few halfs as well. Maybe I can get to a sub 4:30 for a half-Iron???? As this week goes on it is getting easier to deal with another DNF but some times it still makes me cry. I just wish someone could tell me why it happens. The stomach issues not the crying.

Big props go out to the other guys in the club that finished the race. Especially to Jerry 3rd in his AG just missing a slot to Kona by less than a minute. 11:04 was a rocking time on that day. Tom also had a great race going 11:42 with minimal training this summer. Way to go guys I'm extremely proud of all of you and glad that I got to train with you this season. It's all about the journey right?