Sunday, December 20, 2009


Oh yeah, Just to follow up on some non-endurance sports of mine. I rolled a new high score on my first trip bowling this season -- 265 --. I was quite happy but then reality came back into focus and followed up with a 132. Along those lines a big CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend Mark for rolling a 300 game at his league. Way to go bud.

HUFF 50k

Well it's been a really long time again. I'm still not getting the hang of this regular writing thing. My latest adventure was the HUFF 50k trail race yesterday. We had our first real snow of the season the night before so it was a true HUFF experience. Slippery and beautiful all in one. I did only 2 long runs going into this race a 20 miler last week and a 16 miler the week before that. My only goal for the race was to finish. I did that and actually had a very good race. This was my first ever race at marathon or longer distance that I was able to complete with no walking. Big thanks to PMAC a teammate from TriFort that ran with me. Just having him there was a big push to keep moving at some of the rough times. Once again my performance in the cold was good. I just wish I could get that to transfer to warmer races.
Results from yesterday: 4:52 21st overall and 4th in AG.