Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Fun Summer

Well it has been a poor training summer but it's been fun. I've stayed in shape and done some races all the while still placing well. Did 3 xterras and placed 1st or 2nd in AG in each. Almost won a first year sprint race that was basically local. (Got beat by a guy in the wave behind me that I'm not sure I could have beat heads up but wish I would of had the chance to see.) It's been so hot around here this summer that I have done very few outdoor rides. Without Ironman looming on the horizon there just didn't seem to be a reason to push through the heat. I did a local 5k yesterday that I won last year when I was peaking for IM. Yesterday I was caught in the last 1/2 mile by 2 youngsters and just couldn't make the move to go with them.
Started racing RC trucks indoors last winter and have done a few outdoor races this summer as well. Having fun rebuilding the track at a Mark's farm and driving/racing with his nephews. We've been getting onroad cars ready for the indoor season this year and it feels like a whole new hobby. Should be fun to see how we do this winter.
We didn't do any long or big vacations this year. We did a short trip to Cincinnati to see the zoo and aquarium in Newport,KY. Then went to the Indy zoo on the way home. De and I did a weekend away in Grand Rapids and Grandhaven,MI. We then swung by home to pick up Gavin and Kona for a few days with our friends at their lake house. We are planning some camping trips this fall hopefully at some good mountain biking locales.
Racing wise I have the Fort 4 Fitness Half-Marathon and an Olympic distance tri in the next 3 weeks then it's all up in the air. I've got the itch to do some cyclocross but no wheels and then I got a flyer about a short adventure race happening in FW that I may try and get my wife to do with me. Who knows????? As long as we have fun it's all good.

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