Friday, January 9, 2009

Well I managed to get to the pool twice this week. Yesterday I was at the end of my set doing some 100's and noticed that my arms were so ridiculously pumped that they didn't want to bend normally. I guess that months off will do that. Today was going to be a rest day but we got 3 inches of new snow. The new XC skis were just screaming to go out for a trip around the golf course. Oh how nice it must be to live in an area with groomed trails. At least here I can take Kona along and let him run free. We went out for a relaxed 45 minutes. I realized this is the kind of workout that a GPS would be nice to track. That's a lot of cash for an occasional off road workout though :) That's the nice thing about this time of year. Workouts are very relaxed and if I wander a bit it's okay. When the meat of the season gets here I get more concerned about hitting the workout as planned and hate to miss sessions. It is getting close to time to start building more base miles. I'm also considering finding a triathlon coach this year. The problem again being the cost. Why is it that this sport continues to get more and more expensive? I guess it always was but 20 years ago I had no money and just did what I had to so that I could race. Going to the bigger races like Ironman have their associated costs but it seems that the farther I go into this the more I think I "need". At least I continue remind myself that you can't "buy speed", that for every fancy gadget, I have to train that much harder to justify the expense by working even harder. I was lucky enough get a great deal from a friennd on a PowerTap. Sadly I have yet to really learn how to put it work. I had it for all of last year but with the limited training that was completed I really didn't learn how to use it. That is on of my goals this year to train with more purpose. Do what I need to do and not let the whims of others dictate my training.

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  1. Hey Paul... I had no idea this was you..!! I saw the picture on your profile but didn't recognize you until now!

    I hear you on the money issue.. The longer you stay in the sport the more expensive it can get, especially with all the new gizmo's and gadgets that are associated with it..