Monday, March 30, 2009

Coming off a terrible week of training. I had a good race on Saturday at the Nutri Run 20k and hit my goal pace for the marathon. This was a very hilly course and it felt good to still stay on pace or under. I then spent 2 days with De and Gavin at an indoor waterpark and had a blast. Unfortunately I woke up Tuesday morning with a really sore throat, a sure sign that my bi-yearly sinus infection was about to start. I loaded up on Zinc/Vit C tabs and took another day off hoping to catch it early. By the time I got home on Wednesday I was still too tired to really work out. I finally got some short runs in on Thur and Friday and decided to go shorter than planned on Saturday as well. Today was a good day, ran 6 this am and went to the weight room then took advantage of the sunny weather and rode a quick 12 outside after work. Feeling good tonight so hopefully back on track this week with 4 weeks to go until the marathon. Sorry about the whining there, I guess my wife is right I don't take illness well at all. I'm going to post my race schedule some time this week so it feels more official and gives me more of something to shoot for in training. It's too hard to focus on an Ironman that is still 5 months away.

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